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Stormwater Management Program (SWMP)

              2014 SWMP
Whatcom County is required to develop a Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) as part of the NPDES Phase II Permit.  The SWMP is a document that describes activities taken by Whatcom County to comply with the current permit requirements, as well as describes what activities are planned for the following year.  It is intended to be a planning and implementation document with three separate audiences and purposes:
          • For the Department of Ecology to review how Whatcom County intends to meet permit requirements as part of Section S5.A.2 of the Permit.
          • To inform the public on the program in order to solicit input, build local support, and to learn about current and future activities as part of Section S5.C.2.b of the Permit.
          • To inform Whatcom County staff and officials on the all requirements and accomplishments of Permit compliance, and to build support for and understanding of the entire program.
The Annual Compliance Reports show Whatcom County's specific data/accomplishments to comply with required tasks of the Permit for that calendar year.  (The Permit does not require a compliance report be submitted for the calendar year 2013.  The next compliance report will be due March 31, 2015.)


If you would like to submit comments regarding the SWMP, or have general questions regarding the Permit or Program, please contact:

Cathy Craver
Senior Planner
Public Works Stormwater Division
(360) 715-7450

This section is under construction.

Program Areas of the SWMP
The SWMP includes a section for each of the following elements of the Permit:

public outreachPublic Education and Outreach  AND
Public Involvement and Participation

Provide workshops and outreach activities designed to increase public awareness of stormwater issues and encourage stewardship activities that protect water quality. 

Illicit DischargeIllicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
Provide information on how to identify sources of stormwater pollution, report them, and eliminate the discharge of pollutants into stormwater systems.  
stormwater runoffControlling Runoff from New Development, Redevelopment, and Construction Sites 
Use of best management practices (BMPs) to ensure construction sites don't contribute to stormwater pollution.  
pollution preventionMunicipal Operations and Maintenance
Ensuring stormwater facilities are operating property to prevent stormwater pollution and that County operations don't contribute to stormwater pollution.
Monitoring and Assessment
Required water quality monitoring designed to assess the effectiveness of stormwater management practices. 
administration and reportingAdministration and Reporting
An annual NPDES Phase II compliance report is completed each March.  
TMDLTotal Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Compliance
TMDL for of phosphorus and Fecal Coliform must not be exceeded.



Washington State Department of Ecology Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permits

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